Welcome To The Sayward Primary Healthcare Clinic

We are a first contact primary care clinic proudly serving the Sayward community since 2011. Our clinic offers primary medical care for your essential health care needs. Our resident Nurse Practitioner and visiting practitioners including a physician, public-health nurse, foot care specialist, physiotherapist, massage therapist and lab technicians – provide blood testing, well baby clinics, mammography, physiotherapy, massage and foot care, in addition to medical consultations, diagnosis, prescriptions and referrals to specialist if necessary. Please click on the appointments tab above to schedule an appointment directly with a member of our team.

To provide local medical care and related support services.

The Sayward Primary Healthcare Clinic was founded in 2011 by a dedicated group of local residents, and has been providing quality health care to the residents and visitors of the Sayward District ever since.

Please support your local clinic, we are committed to keeping Sayward a healthy place to live for all age groups.