About the Clinic

The Sayward Primary Healthcare Clinic is run by the Sayward Community Health Society (SCHS) with our Nurse Practitioner and admin staff provided and paid for by Island Health. The Society board of directors are all local volunteers.

The Society is a registered charity with the sole purpose of raising funds for running costs, renovations, health education, and any supplies and equipment not provided by Island Health.

The aim of the Clinic is to serve the community and visitors to the area by providing local medical services.

We welcome your suggestions for additional services that may be of value to our Community.

Please see the Sayward Community Health Society page for more details on the Society and ways you can support and contribute to our Clinic.

Your current SCHS Directors are: Pat Rusch, Angie Hibbert, Sheila Archer, Charon Ridsdale, Aggie Pringle, and Craig Neilsen.